“The rain set early into night” “It tore the elm tops down in spite” “She shut the cold out and the storm” “Blazed up and all the cottage warm” “Murmuring how she loved me” The first thing that there is that is clear to see is that he the narrator is greatly in love with […]

One of the most important parts in chapter six, I believe, is when the twins whose duty was to ensure that the fire did not die in the night both failed there task. When they awake in the morning they react to the ash pile almost as if it was the end of their time […]

In chapter 5 Piggy agrees with Ralph’s rational idea of life being improvised and how people spend most of their life looking at the floor and their feet.  Ralph calls a meeting and scolds the boy for breaking the rules and not keeping the groups’ rules as their principles.    

Simon is having a conversation with the Lord of the flies ,the Lord of the flies also happens to be a pigs head on a stick and is the beast yet all the while Simon is almost in a way feels that he is seeing things that are not really there such as the pigs […]

In chapter seven there is a quarrel between Ralph and Robert where by Robert was “jabbed ” by Ralph with Eric’s spear.  There was also a group of boys that made a circle around Ralph and Robert and the crowd was yelling or rather chanting “kill him, kill him”.  It was as if for a […]

Jack,Piggy and Ralph are at the beginning are debating different mechanical and electronic devices that they could or should build one was a thought about a clock but that was quickly trashed when there was a comment about there being no metal available to make the clock,this quickly evolved into the idea of a sundial […]

How does the speaker use nature to present symbols in porphyria sliver and I think of thee? The author of the poem describes the narrators emotions in the poem in his use of hidden metaphors that are describing how he feels and how he is concerned about how porphyria had not yet arrived and was […]

I am replying to the feed back that I have received from mr north that he has been sending me starting with the first feed back that is related to the task is the request for me to correct my punctuation and my vocabulary.


The writers wording and phrasing is very descriptive and he gives a very detailed explanation for as to what it is that’s going as stated in this quotation “the wind came in gusts,at times shaking the coaches it traveled round the bend of the road “ He uses personification in this extract as said in […]